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    Need to Create count of Status in tablelar form

    naresh guntra

      We have a requirement count of missing timesheet in last 15 weeks (Example employee missed to fill last 15 weeks).

      i have applied a logic like  if Status = '9' then number of records, and count should be 15 (because he did not entered for 15 weeks), But we are getting 75.

      we have 2 problems here.

      1) When we drag the week begining date on to columns , Count 75 becomming the detail level and showing Count as 5.

      2) With above logic i am getting count of 5 per week and 75 for 15 weeks, But we need count should be 1 for 1 week and max 15 for 15 weeks.

      So can you please suggect me how to create a calculated field to achive above requirement



      TO be striaght expecting the count of status for 15 weeks instead of detail level per week and days.