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    Table calculation: divide by diagonal value (or column maximum)

    santiago bustos



      First time posting in the forum, so, sorry before hand for any mistakes made.


      Im currently trying to analize cross sales for two different product lines. To make the comparation we use a table like this.


      So in an attempt to make the visualization easier to read for a client I'd like to show the values as a porcentage, but it would need to be based on the diagonal value (which by definition will also be the maximum of the column), so I need to divide all the values by its columns maximum value ( the corresponding diagonal value). In excel, where it is currently done, it would look like this:


      , (note that these second values are not the same ones as shown above, but it's the same idea).

      This says that 25% of the people that bought in the J0407 line also bought in J0406. (highlighted)


      Does anyone know hot to do it?


      Kind Regards,