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    Copy nodes between Prep files

    Jerry Flatto

      Is there any way to copy "nodes" from one Tableau Prep diagram to another diagram and not have to recreate them?  I would like to reuse some nodes between diagrams.


      I did make a copy of the diagram and go to edit the copy but that does not work.  My diagram's data input are two csv files, each about 500,000 rows that I "union" together and then clean.  I do not know how to delete these two input files to substitute a different input file.  Yes, I know I should be able to right click on one of the input nodes and select "Remove".  However, when I do that, nothing happens.  After a few minutes, my diagram turns into a blank white screen and Tableau Prep seems locked up.  I have left Tableau Prep running for an hour in case it is "thinking" but nothing happens.  I am running Windows 10 with 16 gb of memory, i7-7700 CPU, GTX 1070 GPU card.  The drive that Tableau Prep is installed to is a SSD with 100gb of hard disk space and the drive where my Tableau Prep diagram is located has 500 gb left.  I crash a fair amount in Tableau Prep where only using the Task Manager will force close.


      Any idea if there is a way to increase memory to Tableau Prep.  I am thinking that many times when Tableau Prep crashes, I get a screen that talks about Tableau Prep Server (Java based maybe, I need to look more carefully next time it happens) and see if there is any way to increase memory to that software.


      UPDATE:  Tableau Prep crashed.  Here is a screen capture of the error.



      Tableau Crash.jpg

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          Nathan Panuco

          You're getting a "logic assert" error meaning that an internal process is failing an expected logic check and doesn't necessarily mean you are running out of memory or other system resources.


          That Java error likely isn't enough info to determine what's wrong. You likely would find additional details in the Tableau Prep logs.

          1. Close out all instances of Tableau
          2. Navigate to the My Tableau Prep Repository in your Documents folder
          3. Rename the "Logs" folder to "Logs.old"
          4. Launch Tableau Prep and perform the desired functions
          5. When Tableau Prep throws an error, note the time and steps went through to get the error
          6. Review Tableau Prep logs from that time period to see what additional info is available


          If you cannot determine the issue, these logs can be useful when engaging Tableau tech support.

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            Maraki Ketema

            Hi Jerry,


            Thanks reaching out with your question! Tableau Prep doesn't allow you to copy and past steps or flows across files. From your description it seems you are trying to replace the tables that are included in your union. Try this:

            • Right click on the branch that leads to the union for the input step you are trying to remove
            • Click 'Remove'

            • Take the new table and drag it to the Union Step. Drop it on the 'Add' target.

            Let me know if this helps! If copying and pasting steps or diagrams across files is something that is important for your workflow, we would love to hear more about it in the ideas forum.



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              Jerry Flatto

              I will need to try your approach to removing the existing inputs.  Right now, if I click on the existing inputs and select "remove", Tableau Prep hangs on me.  As I mentioned in my original email, after a few minutes, Tableau Prep goes to a white screen and effectively hangs.  Compared to OpenRefine, the open source tool I used, Tableau Prep is wonderful.  But I tend to crash fairly frequently with Tableau Prep. Next time it occurs, I will send the log files via the support channel.


              As for copying nodes, I had already placed this in the Idea forum. I can not imagine not wanting to copy nodes.  Right now, I am building my flow using multiple clean nodes that each have a specific purpose.  I can easily see wanting to copy nodes that you have created to be used in another flow.  It may not be the way you look at the software, but I think of Tableau Prep as a form of "object oriented programming" with the nodes being designed for "reusability".  I think it would be great if eventually users could upload their own specialized nodes for others to use.