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    Text Tables don't work

    Yvonne Wen

      Hi all,

      I just join the NL Group today while I was searching for a solution to solve my problem - please let me know if this is not a right place to ask the usage questions.

      I have selected one measurement and one dimension, and even try to select two from each; but my Text Tables under Show Me still remain grey and cannot be selected.

      Why is that?


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          Jim de Clercq

          Hi Yvonne,


          Without seeing exactly what you are doing, I can't tell why the table option remains greyed out in the Show Me panel. You can, however, create a table manually by putting your dimension on the rows or columns and your measure on the 'text' or 'label' box in the marks card. If you need to use multiple measures, you will need to filter your 'measure names' to the correct measures and then put your 'measure values' on the label or text.


          I hope this helps.