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    Tableau Prep DataSourceException Excel


      Has anyone run across this issue?



      Open Prep and connect to a xlsx data data source.  Keep Prep open and leave computer unattended for an hour or so (lunch).  Come back and Prep has thrown an exception on the xlsx data source:


      Log.txt file entry:

      ID Time Elapsed Key Value

      344349 10:32:50.748 - excp class: excel-direct; dse-type: Unknown; excp-msg: Unable to connect to the file "C:\Users\RyanDean\AppData\Local\Temp\1526916295335-0\1913b469-c033-406a-b7bb-ca46176911ba\Data\2df192f7-04ee-4340-8c23-259aef8f5016\MY SALES.xlsx". Check that the file exists and that you have sufficient access privileges for it. ; excp-type: class DataSourceException; is-bad-request: false; is-local-configuration-error: false; is-remote-configuration-error: false; msg: DataSourceException::Throw




      Try to Save or Save as... but receive this message:

      Log.txt entry:

      344514 10:55:59.855 - msg Saving Maestro document fails: : throwable=class java.io.FileNotFoundException, throwableLocation=java.io.FileNotFoundException: C:\Users\RyanDean\AppData\Local\Temp\1526916295335-0\1913b469-c033-406a-b7bb-ca46176911ba\Data\3b066256-4488-4d45-ada7-a6f577746f06\ABA Bestsellers 02-14-18.xlsx (The system cannot find the path specified)


      However the file is serialized to disk but it becomes corrupt:

      When trying to open BookDemo....error_v2.ftlx this message is displayed:


      Note: The will corrupt the original ftlx file had I not renamed it to _error or _error_v2. 



      OS and Version info below:







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          Brandon Babbitt

          Hey Ryan,


          I would recommend submitting a Support Case if you have not done so already for this issue.  Our specialized Tableau Prep Engineers will be happy to investigate further.




          Brandon Babbitt

          Senior Technical Lead

          Tableau Software

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            Hi Brandon,


            Thanks for reaching out.  I'll follow your recommendation and open a case.





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              Owen Price

              It looks like you're connecting to an Excel file in AppData in a Temp folder. Do you know what application creates the file in that location? It could be that the same application is doing some cleanup since those folders are supposed to contain temporary files.


              Regardless, I would recommend moving your data source out of the Temp folder in case that is the source of the problem.

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                The AppData folder definitely raised questions.  The source file is connected to a standard, non-temp path like c:\users\rd\documents\project\proj1\data.xlsx.  Seems like Prep cached a copy there in the AppData best I can tell.  One thing of interest is that my Windows event logs were complaining that O365 couldn't restart.  I'm wondering if there was an office update that wanted to apply and somehow killed one of the excel handles in the background causing Prep to lose sight of the temp directory.  When I closed and re-opened the Flow without saving, it was able to open the original excel file without intervention.  As Brandon suggested, I did open a case.  I'll see if I can reproduce in the mean time.