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    Integrating a report using viz_v1.js results in an error in vqlweb.js -

    Mathias Fritsch

      I can successfully integrate a report on our internal website using


                      <script type='text/javascript' src='https://tableau.ourdomain.local/javascripts/api/viz_v1.js'></script>
                      <script language="javascript">
                          window.tableau || document.write('<script src="https://tableau.ourdomain.local/javascripts/api/viz_v1.js"><\/script>');
                      <div class='tableauPlaceholder' style='width: 1880px; height: 850px;'>
                          <object class='tableauViz' width='1880' height='850' style='display: none;'>
                              <param name='host_url' value='https://tableau.ourdomain.local/'/>
                              <param name='site_root' value='/t/AgentView'/>
                              <param name='name' value='AgentPerformanceView/AgentViewDashboard'/>
                              <param name='tabs' value='no'/>
                              <param name='toolbar' value='no'/>
                              <param name='filter' value='hashparameter=somehashvalue'/>
                              <param name='showAppBanner' value='false'/>
                              <param name="ticket" value="sometickett" /> 


      The report will be displayed allright. At some point also the oprations on the page  worked but now when I press something that filters or navigates to some detail throws an client side exception


      "Refused to evaluate a string as JavaScript because 'unsafe-eval' is not an allowed source of script in the following Content Security Policy directive: "script-src *"." in vqlweb.js:7


      As this used to work I suspect an update to either the tableau script or to chrome that broke this script.


      The error the user gets is



      An error occurred communicating with the server (500).

      This may be a temporary network condition. Please retry the operation.

      If this condition persists, contact your system administrator.



      But the chrome console is giving the error about the Content Security Policy.


      Any clue and what I can do to solve this?


      Tableau desktop version is





      Tableau server version is