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    Prepare the data with comma

    Jacky Wong

      Dear All


      I'm a newbie on Tableau Prep, may i get some idea from you how I can solve the below issue?


      Customer IDCourse
      52146110002,146110003, 146110004


      There is a log table inside my database stored which customer has searched what courses. Eg: Customer (customer ID: 50) has searched two courses which is 146110001 and 146110002. Inside Tableau Desktop, I would like to count and display the top 3 courses have been searched most. Therefore, based on my understand, I need to do some massage on the data in Tableau Prep first before develop the chart on Tableau Desktop


      I tried to do custom split in Tableau Prep, but after that, what should I do for preparing the data so that I can achieve my purpose?