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    How to show accuracy in my ARIMA model in Tableau

    Nisrine Ferahi

      Hello everybody

      I have an urgent question, I did my ARIMA model forecasting using the integration between R and Tableau. I need to check the accuracy of this forecast using the accuracy function in r but it doesn't work in tableau

      here is my code for the forecasting



      time <- ts(.arg1, start=c(2010,1), frequency=12);

      arima_model <- auto.arima(time, D=1);

      forecasted <- forecast(arima_model, h=.arg2[1]);

      n <- length(.arg1);

      append( .arg1[(.arg2[1]+1) :n], forecasted$mean, after=n-.arg2[1])",

      SUM([Amount of Motors Sold]),SUM([PeriodToForcast]))


      Thank you in advance