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    Tableau Public service "degraded"

    .George Prevelige

      Tableau Public has been in status of "Degraded" 3 out of the last 10 days. During these times, the site is either unresponsive or unbearably slow, and these incidents usually last all day.


      Does anyone else find this unacceptable?


      We have several Tableau Public reports that are fairly high-profile and that are viewed by the media, etc., and about 1/3 of the time the reports are inaccessible or unusable.


      If the argument is, 'hey, you get what you pay for' then I would ask Tableau if they are okay with such poor performance when their branding is all over the reports we publish. Makes them look as bad as it does us.


      Why does this keep happening? Server performance should be around 99%, not 70%.


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          Ciaran Bource

          Hi George,


          At Tableau we take any interruption of service very seriously. Be it on our free Public platform or on paid platforms such as Tableau Online.


          We know that a lot of people actively use Tableau Public to share their data and views with the whole world, and this is the base of what we strive for, to enable anyone to see and understand their data, as well as sharing it.


          We understand that the past degradation of service may have had an impact on many of our users and we work very hard everyday in order to provide the best experience possible.


          We do apologise for the inconveniences caused by these interruptions and I would like you to be assured that we will continue working hard on the providing the smoothest experience possible.



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            .George Prevelige

            Yet again, Tableau Public is down/degraded. Today, we had a huge presentation using reports on Public and it was a total bust thanks to the non-responsive server. As a result, we are giving up on Tableau for our public-facing reports. And it's causing higher-ups to question our use of Tableau overall.