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    Filtering on 2 columns (that come from one source)

    Paul Whitaker

      So, i've hit a dead end with this one...


      I have multiple excel sheets across multiple workbooks, combined using the union feature. Each sheet is a monthly dump of whether a feature is turned on or off. Unfortunately the only way to distinguish between each one is using the path command as the date is not featured in the data, only in the file name.

      I've managed to arrange them in a table so that I can see a number of months and have colour coded the feature as being green for on, red for off.

      However, when I now want to filter them so I can see which were on in month 1 but are now off (in month 10) I can't work out how to do it.

      If I filter the path and feature status, I can only get one colum returned.

      I've tried pivoting the data but it doesn't seem to help as I then can't arrange it as I need it. (i've had to remove a few column headings as its potentially sensisitive data)

      I'm looking to detect problems like those against 10624 when a feature has been turned off 5 months ago. A starting point would be looking if the first path column was green (on) and now its off..I just want to show those lines!

      double filter.PNG


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