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    Percentage of Total

    Ruben Arias

      Hello Tableau'ers.  I have a sheet with a calculated field which takes the $ diff and divides it by the total paid dollars.  This gives me the % diff, etc.


      Here is the calc field for $ diff :


      [Calc : Total Billed $]-SUM([Calc : Total Paid])


      Now, the last column called % diff is the following calc:


      [Calc : Total Billed $] / SUM([Calc : Total Paid]) -1


      My issue is, in the totals/sub totals % cell, it is calculating either SUM, AVERAGE, AUTO, MIN, MAX, etc...but the % is not correct for the totals/sub totals.  It is correct across the above rows.


      So if you look at the screenshot, right now I have it set to AVERAGE for the % totals.  It says %34.34, but really I want it to read the actual % which is %29.62 ($175.50/$592.50=.29620253)


      How do I accomplish this simple task. 


      Thanks, Ruben