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    Blank Dashboard When Using Extract

    Doug Spavlik

      Yesterday I created a great dashboard using a Live Connection on Tableau Desktop 18.1.  Today I went to publish the workbook to out Tabluea Online Platfom.  I went to the Data Source tab in the lower right.  Once there I wanted to change the connection from LIVE to EXTRACT.  When I did the query ran and I updated the data preview window in the bottom half of the page.  Went back to the dashboard and it was blank.  I tried troubleshooting a few things like adjusting and removing filter.  Nothing changed.  When I went back to the Data Source Tab I change the connection back to LIVE and my dashboard is back to normal.  I went back and forth changing the connection a few times an ever time I select EXTRACT my dashboad goes blank. 


      Has anyone else came across this??  Any help is much appreciated.  Thanks!