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    Tableau Prep suggestions

    Jerry Flatto

      I thought I had come across a posting where to add recommendations for changes for Tableau Prep but I am not finding it.  Please point me to the correct location if I am just missing it.


      As I use Tableau Prep, here is an initial list of suggestions for additions to the software.  If these are already there and I am just not seeing them, please let me know that also.


      • In addition to Upper Case and Lower Case, add "Title Case" where Clean Up capitalizes the first letter of each word.
      • Allow comments to be typed on the Tableau Prep flow so I can add notes on what I am doing.  Being limited to changing the name of the particular node is not sufficient.
      • Allow the nodes to be copied and reused easily.  I would like to be able to copy a particularly useful node I created and place it somewhere else.
      • Add the ability to cancel a flow in progress or to turn "auto run" off and manually run a flow.  I have a tendency to start a flow when I simply meant to edit a particular node.