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    Error import

    fabrice chane

      Hi everybody (sorry for my english),


      I actually test TABLEAU PREP (evaluation version) and i've a error when i import text file (csv).

      error import.PNG

      The file doesn't exist effectively.

      Should i reinstall ?

      Can you help me ?

      Thank you very much.



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          Nathan Panuco

          The community likely need more info in order to assist. Some questions to think about:


          • What else is going on in Prep? Is this the only input node or are you attempting to join this to other existing data?
          • If you close out all applications and reboot and just try and import from just this CSV, do you get an error?
          • Is there anything strange with the format of the CSV? Are you able to import other CSVs but just not this ONE?
          • Are you able to successfully import from other data sources?
          • Is the data clean? Does it have any non-Latin characters?