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    Conditionally Color a Grand Total/with Filter

    Vikash Karra

      Hello - hope this makes sense: I have a worksheet contains a horizontal bar chart for 'Product'. The measure is Sales. There is a filter that allows the user to select a product. I  have a grand total column as well. I want to conditionally color the grand total. Example: If I select two products, i get two horizontal bars that are colored 'white' and the grand total bar is colored 'green'. However, when I select just 1 product, I get a horizontal bar for the 1 product selected, and 1 horizontal bar for the grand total. The calculation that I have doesn't work as both of these bars are colored in white (the grand total bar should be green). Any one have any tips? Is it possible to only show a grand total bar when there is more than 1 product selected?


      if last()=first() then sum([Sales]) else -100000 end