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    Wildcard Union of Box Files

    Alexander Lam

      Hi There,


      When working locally, I can use a wildcard union to automatically combine a number of excel files in a single data connection. Am I able to do this via a Box connection? When I attempt this after selecting Box as my data source, it seems I can only connect a single file and search within the sheets of said file.


      Currently using Tableau Desktop 10.5.3

      Any input helps!

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          Yuriy Fal

          Hi Alexander,


          I doubt you can use a (Wildcard) Union on multiple Excel files.

          One can do it only with the sheets from the single (Excel) file.

          Text/CSV is a different matter (you know).


          As for the cloud file storage (Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Sheets) --

          same experience as with Excel (single file / multiple sheets).


          So a workaround would be using Box client application, 

          which could mount a Box storage pointing to your local directory.

          Having CSV files in there, you'd be able to make a Union in Tableau.


          Of course, there would be imminent problems

          with sharing this mount point with your colleagues

          and/or updating the datasource from Tableau Server.




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