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    One to many Sankey

    Valentin Cojocaru

      Hi all,


      I am building a 'different' Sankey and I don't know whether it's even possible to create. I have a datasheet with the following columns:

      1. a role (e.g. auditor, data scientist, lawyer, etc.)

      2. a disruption (e.g. RPA, AI, Chatbot, etc.)

      3. a disruption percentage (e.g. RPA can disrupt 20% of an auditor's role)

      4. an FTE number per role (an auditor's role is equivalent to 100 FTE)

      5. and an FTE number per disruption (e.g. RPA can disrupt 20% of 100 = 20 FTE).


      I want to build a dashboard that filters on a particular disruption, from a particular role (e.g. RPA in Auditors) and that will produce a Sankey which will have:

      - on the left hand side the role, with it's FTE (in this case auditors with 100 FTE)

      - on the right hand side the disruption filtered, with it's FTE (RPA and 20 FTE), as well as (and here is where I don't know how to do it) the remaining FTE for that particular role (in our case auditors with 100-20 = 80 FTE). So this will show a box for RPA with 20FTE, and on top of that a box for Auditors with 80FTE.

      - in the middle the FTE flow from the Role to Role + Disruption filtered


      I have attached my dashboard where I have created a Sankey with Role to Disruption. I don't know how to add the Role to the right hand side of my Sankey. Any ideas if this is possible?


      I'd much appreciate the help or guidance!