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    Tableau Problem Statement

    Anindam Das

      I have a problem statement in tableau , Please check if you can suggest anything


      we have to bring the following scenario in tableau, please provide your suggestions  on the same.



      1)      Source is the published data source.

      2)      Having two columns date and value.

      3)      Value column will get change frequently on different date (for eg):  if the value is 4.00 on “1st of May 2018” and it may get change on “4th of May 2018” as 4.10.

      4)      Thing is we need to use the value of 1st May 2018 (4.00) for 2nd and 3rd day of May. That Is we need to use previous value for absence days.

      5)      Like the way we need to bring it for every day in a year and get AVG(Value) on month basis.