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    Line mark split by date drill down

    Sebastian Thierfelder

      Hi fellow Tableau folk,


      I'm trying to get the following graph:


      - 2 dimensions shown over time in the same graph (with the ability to drill down from year - month - week - day)
         1. Bar chart of discrete variable

         2. Continuous line of discrete variable, which shouldn't be broken up whenever I drill down.


      This happens whenever more than one date pill is added to the rows shelf.


      I attached a simple sheet for this problem. You'll see that the line is interrupted by the month variable (even after removing the column lines).
      Merely dragging away the month variable is not a solution, because there is no other way to keep an indication of the months on the axis.


      One solution discussed has been to use a single date pill in the 'MDY' format, yet this does is not an option, as the ability to drill down/up is lost.






      Any help is greatly appreciated!

      I'll credit you when presenting this to my boss...