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    Date Drill-down

    Sebastian Thierfelder

      Hi fellow Tableau folk,


      I'm trying to get the following graph:


      - 2 dimensions shown over time in the same graph (with the ability to drill down from year - month - week - day)
         1. Bar chart of discrete variable

         2. Continuous line of discrete variable, which does not get split by having more than one data pill in the row shelf after drilling down.


      The splitting happens whenever more than one date pill is added to the rows shelf, and one of the marks is a line.


      I attached a simple sheet for this problem. You'll see that the line is interrupted by the month variable (even after removing the column lines).
      Merely dragging away the month variable is not a solution, because there is no other way to keep an indication of the months on the axis.


      One solution discussed has been to use a single date pill in the 'MDY' format, ye this does not allow one to drill up in down (and see monthly, or yearly aggregates).


      I'll credit you when presenting this to my boss...