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    Overlaying two maps: one with shapefile polygons and one with lat/long points

    Alex Sheldon

      Hi all!


      I hope you can help me with this one! I want to overlay two maps and the basic instructions for creating a dual axis aren't working for me. (Please excuse my lack of lingo expertise here - I only started with Tableau about a month ago!)


      One map joins two datasets (one is a shapefile joiner that essentially draws the census tract neighborhoods with path order and lat/long and the other is census information at the census tract level) and the other map is a series of incidents that occurs at specific geo points (using latitude and longtiude).


      I'm attaching screenshots of the two maps I created here. When I try to outer join the second map points lat/long to the shapefile lat/long, something goes wrong on the map and it no longer recognizes the census data. If this works, I would certainly change the color of the points in the second map so that they would show up.


      Any advice is welcome!


      Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 5.14.20 PM.png

      Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 5.13.50 PM.png