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    How to implement SSO on Tableau Server + Linux + PingFed

    Vamshi Krishna P

      Hi Folks,


      Need an urgent in implementing SSO (SAML) on Tableau Server which is installed on a Linux server. We use PingFed.

      I went through below documentation  and got few questions, could you please answer them


      This is the template we need to apply on Server for implementing SAML


      { "configEntities": { "samlSettings": { "_type": "samlSettingsType", "enabled": true, "returnUrl": "required", "entityId": "required", "certFile": "required", "keyFile": "required", "idpMetadataFile": "required", "idpDomainAttribute": "", "idpUsernameAttribute": "required" } } }


      SO in this template


      1) How to generate idpMetadataFile?

      2) What is certFile and from where I can get the required certificate?

      3) what is this keyFile and how to get that?


      Thanks and Regards

      Vamshi Pulumati