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    Proper Case

    Cheryl Morgan

      I have a field that is in all caps. It is a procedure detail with more than one word in the description. How can i change it to proper case where just the first letter of every word in capitalized. I do not seem to be able to find anything.


      Thank you Cheryl

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          Tableau does not have anything for the proper case.  there is an idea for this. If you would like to vote. Also, it has few suggestions, which one can use.



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            Cheryl Morgan

            Thank you, I was looking at the same page, my issue is no one sentence is the same length. The sentence could be two work or ten words. I am trying to fix in sql, however, every time i try and load the extract or update my data, Tableau is locking up and no one in my office can work. I have had to kill my process 3 times so someone else can update.


            They really should have a function for this. it would be amazing.