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    Create a Dimension of Unique Combinations of Values from One Dimension

    Keiljuana Phillips

      I have a sample of accounts with various combinations of programs enrolled. I first want to see a list of various (but unique) Program Type combinations (I have included an example below). Secondly, I'd like to solve for percentages of accounts enrolled in those unique Program Type combinations, (for example 14% enrolled in just Z9 Program Type, but 20% may be enrolled in Z1, Z9, and ZT). The percentages are fictitious, but again, I need to assistance with creating the list of combinations and then I need to count distinct accounts for which Program Types are enrolled.


      Example of Program Type Combinations (Unique Combinations)

      1 - Z9

      1 - Z8, ZC

      1 - Z1, Z9. ZT

      1 - Z1. Z8