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    Memory Limit Error for custom sql query

    Ayon Sarkar



      When I join two tables(one having 400 million records and the other having 500 million records), I am getting memory limit error.


      I can add filters to the table, however the filters are selected on a particular dashboard and this query needs to be executed with those filters.


      Is there anyway I can pass on the filters from one sheet to another and execute the query when the sheet opens, instead of having it in the custom sql query?

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          Ken Flerlage

          That's a lot of data. Is there any way you can filter some of that data upfront?

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            Tim Dines

            You could run the SQL statement in the Initial SQL.  Once the filters have been created, right click on them and click on Applies to Worksheets and associate it with all sheets or just those you want.  As Ken stated, this is a huge lot of data.  You need to be sure you are only bringing in the fields and records that you need.  If there are multiple groups that will be using this data for different reasons, you might consider creating a custom sql statement for each of them and creating a separate dashboard for each group.  Getting the data in is only the first part of the problem.  How are your users going to view this information, will they have enough memory or patience to wait for the load?