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    Subsets from a set

    Ben Broadhead



      Is it possible to group dimensions as subsets of a set?


      so for example i have this set which i would like to put into groups rather than it being one long list.


      Is this possible?


      Please excuse the shoddy cover up!

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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Ben

          not easy to see from the image but you can group dimensions as shown below


          then when the box opens create your groups


          you will have a new dimension

          with the old dimension name and (grouped)



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            Rahul Singh



            You can group values of dimension by right clicking on dimension and select create group. then group the values together as you wish. is this you wanted.




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              Ben Broadhead

              Thanks for getting back to me

              I want to create one over riding group and then mini groups in that group. Does that make sense?

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                Rahul Singh

                Sorry, i didn't get u exactly. Do you mean something like..lets i have list of 20 cities from US and first group it into four different regions then in the filter i want initially only four regions to show, but when i click on particular region, it should show the list of cities belonging to that region for filter application.

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                  Ben Broadhead

                  So for example in the US you would have states as the main set then cities as the subsets?

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                    Ritesh Bisht

                    Hi Ben,


                    Not sure about the actual requirements but trying as below :


                    Step 1

                    Created 2 Groups


                    1) West ---->California


                    2) North East ---> New York


                    Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 5.41.46 AM.png



                    Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 5.41.53 AM.png





                    Step 2




                    Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 5.42.16 AM.png



                    Copy below


                    IF [State]= 'California' then [City]='San Jose' or [City]='Fresno'



                    END OR



                    IF [State]='New York' then [City]='Yonkers' END





                    Step 3


                    Drag above Calculation to filter and set as TRUE  and rest of the fields to Rows shelve



                    So I have a Group within group here.

                    Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 5.42.33 AM.png









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                      Peter Fakan

                      Hi Ben,


                      What you are doing sounds like hierarchy's, but you mentioned groups in your OP.


                      Just r/click the pill inside your dimensions area, and select from the Hierarchy menu. Subgroups would be added as subordinates to the hierarchy but you can also pick up the pill and drag it into the hierarchy as well.