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    Sankey Software License Flow

    Dan Flint



      I am new to tableu (just downloaded the free trial) and I am trying to build a software license flow sankey diagram.  I am quite fond of excel but I would like to visualize a license flow over all contracts over several years of usage, starting with Products (or Product Family) and then moving from contract to contract.


      This is a simplified spreadsheet view.


      ProductFamilyContract #Initial OderAdditional new orderLicense Count TotalLicenses for renewalLicense not renewedRenewal Contract #Contract end date
      OfficeStd ALNG SA MVLOffice123456100121129022123456a31.12.2006
      Windows Professional All Languages SA MVLWindows12345635003503500123456a31.12.2006
      OfficeProPlus ALNG SA MVLOffice1234562501026024020123456a31.12.2006
      CoreCAL ALNG SA MVL DvcCALCore CAL1234563502037035020123456a31.12.2006
      SQLCAL ALNG SA MVL UsrCALSQL CAL1234563501036030060123456a31.12.2006
      MSDNUnvrsl Win32 ALNG LicSAPk MVLVS12345610212102123456a31.12.2006
      ExchgSvrStd ALNG LicSAPk MVLExchange12345610101123456a31.12.2006
      SharePointSvr ALNG LicSAPk MVLSharepoint12345610110123456a31.12.2006
      OfficeStd ALNG SA MVLOffice123456a90090900123456b31.12.2009
      Windows Professional All Languages SA MVLWindows123456a350103603555123456b31.12.2009
      OfficeProPlus ALNG SA MVLOffice123456a240202602600123456b31.12.2009
      CoreCAL ALNG SA MVL DvcCALCore CAL123456a350504004000123456b31.12.2009
      SQLCAL ALNG SA MVL UsrCALSQL CAL123456a30013013001123456b31.12.2009
      MSDNUnvrsl Win32 ALNG LicSAPk MVLVS123456a1011192123456b31.12.2009
      ExchgSvrStd ALNG LicSAPk MVLExchange123456a01110123456b31.12.2009
      SharePointSvr ALNG LicSAPk MVLSharepoint123456a10110123456b31.12.2009
      OfficeStd ALNG SA MVLOffice123456b90101001000123456c31.12.2012
      Windows Professional All Languages SA MVLWindows123456b35503553550123456c31.12.2012
      OfficeProPlus ALNG SA MVLOffice123456b26002602600123456c31.12.2012
      CoreCAL ALNG SA MVL DvcCALCore CAL123456b40014014001123456c31.12.2012
      SQLCAL ALNG SA MVL UsrCALSQL CAL123456b30053053005123456c31.12.2012
      MSDNUnvrsl Win32 ALNG LicSAPk MVLVS123456b90990123456c31.12.2012
      ExchgSvrStd ALNG LicSAPk MVLExchange123456b11211123456c31.12.2012
      SharePointSvr ALNG LicSAPk MVLSharepoint123456b15615123456c31.12.2012


      This is basically 3 contracts: 123456 - 123456a - 123456b, ending with licenses transferred to the last (here missing) contract 123456c.

      Every contract consists of products (in this example it´s always the same products - the filled spreadsheet will introduce new products aswell), and initial order (which is usually the total number of licenses renewed from the prior contract, additional new order licenses and the amount of licenses that were marked for renewal.


      What I like to show is a sankey diagram that has the individual products as rows and every single contract number as columns, however, the individual licenses should be identifiable. So, a flow from products to contracts and after that only % of licenses moving from contract to contract is not enough.


      Basically it is this view with additional nodes (contract after contract). This was done in PowerBi - but it only works for 1 single contract, I can not link several contracts to show a license flow. Also, I would need to show newly added licenes, timed at the beginning of each contract number, at well as licenses not renwed moving out at the beginning of each new contract (endpoint of old contract).

      view 1.PNG

      Is this doable? If so - can anyone guide me how this can be done? From what I understand it should be possible to do with 2 tables linked - I tried a few things from that post https://community.tableau.com/thread/152115 because this looks very promising, but I failed.


      Thanks in advance for any help!