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    How to create a calculated field based on a combination of values from a single field?

    Bosmat Ivry



      I am very new to tableau and trying to figure out a way to calculate a field so in the example below I could show an unstable column. If a test in a specific revision failed some of the time and passed some of the time I would like for it to appear under an "unstable" column.

      my data structure is in excel and it is pretty much like the table below.


      I tried:

      IF ( ([Test_Status]= 'failed') AND ([Test_Status] = 'passed')) THEN 'Unstable'

      else [Test_Status]



      I simply got the [Test_Status] back.

      Do you have any ideas how to solve this?

      question regarding tableau.png

      Test NameExecution IDTest_Status
      test 111111passed1.0
      test 111112failed1.0
      test 211113passed1.0