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    Zoom from Country to the city

    Dilyana Suleymanova

      Hello guys,

      I got stuck on this problem and I am really frustrated.....


      All what I want is to zoom from country to the city. Here is the example:

      Initial situation


      I click to France and get more details to France



      I want to recreate this map. I did everything 1:1 However on my rework I get this filter:


      It appears automatically :/ And If I select France I have a filled map


      I don't understand what I am doing false? ......


      Please help!!!!


      In attachment you find the origin work book and here he blogpost to this (https://interworks.com/blog/smarx/2016/07/07/playing-maps-tableau-making-mapping-really-interactive/ )

      with my recration (Dashboard 2/ Sheet 4)


      Thank you!