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    Tableau Reader Pros&Cons


      Hi Guys,


      for my organization I'm trying to create a Pros&Cons table of Tableau Reader! Can someone give me some more pros&cons?

      Moreover, if you have link or website to deepen my research... you're welcome to share! :-)




      1. It’s free.
      2. Tableau Reader does reduce the “public” part of Tableau Public.
      3. Tableau Reader allows your business analysts to get the organizational momentum with the early wins of impactful, interactive dashboards



      1. Tableau Reader does require each user to download software (adding Tableau Reader becomes an IT ticket in a queue)
      2. Periodic updates of the software
      3. Tableau Reader involves submitting a registration
      4. All data has to be packaged with the workbook you send out to users



      source: https://interworks.com/blog/bbausili/2015/12/22/when-use-tableau-reader/



      Community Manager edit:

      In case you - or anyone else who finds this thread - needs the information, we just recently shared a new product page on the Tableau website: Tableau Viewer vs. Tableau Reader. The page includes a super helpful comparison table. Below is a screenshot, but please visit the page for the most accurate information:


      Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 2.56.38 PM.png




      Source: Tableau Viewer vs. Tableau Reader


      Thank you! Amanda Boyle, Tableau Community Manager