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    How to combine two worksheet together?

    yuqi Gui

      Hi guys, I am currently using tableau to visualize some Incident data, I have two worksheets now,

      one's column: Date time, Priority (both dimension)

                rows: Number of records

      and this worksheet is a bar chart.


      while the other one's column: Date time (same 'Date time' as the above worksheet)

                                             row: resolution time in hours (measure)

      and this worksheet is a line chart


      So what I want to do now is to combine these two worksheets into one, it is very easy to use ppt to draw a diagram like this but seems very hard for tableau to achieve this, I tried a few times but can't get my desire result. I know tableau can do dual axis, but the column for the two worksheets are different (one worksheet only have one dimension in column while the other one have two dimensions), as a result, once I use dual axis, the second worksheet will change because including in the additional dimension from the first worksheet.


      I really need to solve this problem, please share some tips if you know how to solve this

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          Mavis Liu

          Hi Yuqi,


          You wouldn't be able to dual axis or create a combined axis to give you the view you want. As one chart has two dimensions and the other has one, Tableau cannot sync them together.


          What you can do is add the Resolution Time measure into detail on the marks card in the first bar chart.


          Then go to reference lines and select Resolution Time to be calculated per pane.


          I have attached an example workbook for you to review.