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    Slow response (from Hyper AND Tableau Support)

    andrew sharp

      After upgrading from 10.1 to 10.5.2 (both Desktop and Server), we have 1 particular workbook that now takes around 5 minutes to open and navigate, rather than 5 seconds previously.  The rest of our workbooks are fine.


      I've isolated the problem down to the upgrade to a Hyper extract.


      If in Desktop 10.5.2. I open the old 10.1 workbook, it opens and navigates as expected.


      When I choose Data/Extract/Upgrade...afterwards, the workbook takes minutes to open and minutes to switch from dashboard to dashboard.


      Similarly, I can publish a Desktop 10.1 workbook to our upgraded 10.5.2.server, and it opens/navigates as expected...but if I schedule a refresh of the extracts (therefore upgrading to Hyper) the workbook becomes impossibly slow to open and navigate.


      I've learnt online that 'some' calculations have problems on Hyper and the recommendation is to upgrade 10.5.3.   (The Desktop logs after opening/navigating are ENORMOUS and absolutely full of repetitive CASE statements).  So I suspect that during the delays, Tableau is writing huge logs.


      This is unhelpful as I have hundreds of unaffected workbooks.  If I could understand WHICH calculations were causing the problem, I might be able to re-work them...rather than upgrading the whole platform.


      My affected workbook uses LOTS of calculations, LODs, IF/THEN logic, and lots of Tableau functions..I'm reluctant to start trying new ways of coding each one until the problem magically goes away.


      I've sent workbooks / logs / performance recording to Tableau Support but NO RESPONSE for 4 days.


      Can anybody suggest where I should focus my attention?