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    How do I adjust column width in heat map?

    Johan Malmgren

      Hi! This being my first post, I'm sure there's a really easy answer to this.

      I'm trying to find ways of visualising results from my PhD thesis which includes responses from a large questionnaire of 300 questions in 12 chapters. We have results from 400 patients and 200 controls and I think that a heat map would be a nice way of just showing patterns. As you can see from the first screen shot, questions are in columns and respondents in rows and it looks at least somehow well. In the second screen shot however, I want to The second screen shot however is when I try to illustrate just any single chapter, as seen from the filter. This is where I would like columns not to spread out evenly over the board, but still stay packed together. Ideally, they would stay in the place they are when the entire board is shown, second hand choice would be for example left-aligned.

      How could I do this? Is there any information I could add to make the question clearer?


      Very best