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    How to create a parameter that allows me to sort the measure - sales - descending based on which car I select?

    Ava Kingsley

      Hi Tableau Community,


      I have three different car models - A, B, C. For each model I have the sales numbers by cities that they are sold in. I have "car models" as a dimension in columns as well as the "cities" in columns.

      The top cities by sales differ for each of the three cars.


      1. I would like to create a parameter that allows me to say I want to sort cities in a descending order (by sales) for Model A... Meaning I want to be able to choose model A, B, or C and then depending on which one I choose it sorts the cities in descending order by top cities for the selected model. If I choose Model A, then the cities shown for Model B and C are the same cities as the top ones for model A but obviously not in descending order (which is fine).


      2. I then want to be able to say - only show me the top X number of cities by sales for the model selected. So the top X cities for model A are the only cities shown for each model.


      Keep in mind, the three models are in the view the whole time.


      Thanks for your help,