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    sum of unique amount for the same id

    Eva K

      I really need help here as I believe the calculation I am using is correct, but its not working correctly.

      I have a dataset with the same id on multiple rows, there is an amt column as well, i want to find a max(amt) for unique id and then summarize that for the entire table.

      here's my sample data: so, all the highlighted are the max(amt) and their sum is 1400


      This is the calculation i am using in tableau: {include [Id1], [Id2], [Id3]: MAX([Amt])}

      and then summing this calculation.

      I also tried this way: {include [Id1]: MAX([Amt])}

      both ways, giving me all the rows and not just the unique id1 rows' amount.


      Can someone help me? i have attached the twbx file.