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    Geocoding folder error after 2018.1 installation on MacOS

    Sedat Kestepe



      After installing 2018.1 one of our users' Mac Tableau Desktop is not opened receiving below error:

      "The custom geocoding folder /Applications/Tableau Desktop 2018.1.app/Contents/install/local/data has errors."

      "Show Details" button displays errors like before for a bunch of .tds files:

      "There was a problem connecting to the data source /Applications/Tableau Desktop 2018.1.app/Contents/install/local/data/Airport.tds: Internal Error - An unexpected error occurred and the operation could not be completed."


      I have seen such an issue but it has a workaround for Windows and paths for Mac alternative is not given: Error "The custom geocoding folder ... has errors" When Creating Map | Tableau Software


      Does anyone have an idea how we can achieve this error?


      MacOS Sierra 10.12.6

      PS: Does system language matter?