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    Total of sales ignoring a filter - LOD exclude???

    Rodrigo Ferreira

      Hi guys,


      I'm facing a problem with I need some help to solve.


      It's a sales viz which for each sale the customer answer 26 questions with yes or no. I'm interested only in the questions that the customer answer NO and the total of sales.

      For instance: in my sample my agent did 12 sales and the customer answered 3 questions as NO. So 3 sales of 12 has some kind of problem to be solved.


      For this I've created a heatmap as below:



      Now, I want to show after my "Total NO" column the total of sales for this agent, or be able to calculate how much "3" represents in the total of agent's sale(12 sales).



      The problem I'm facing is because I have a filter in the answer, I can't reach the total of 12 sales.


      I was thinking about LOD but I've tried Fixed agent and counting the distinct leadids but didn't work, it always comes according to my filters or the total of information that I have in the dataset (that is bigger than this example)


      Any suggestion will help!!


      Attached my workbook. The data set is reduced and masked with dummy information for security reasons.