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    Tableau 18.1 joining 2 strings

    Angel Madrigal

      I have an calculated field in a former version that determines my comparison QTR based on a selection parameter.


      it used to work. However, with the current version the "+" formula is failing some how as shown below:





      An error occurred while communicating with the data source.





      No such function + that takes arguments of type (none, str).





      *Calculated Field*








      LEFT([Current QTR],2) = "18" then "16"



      ELSEIF LEFT([Current QTR],2) = "19" then "18"



      ELSEIF  left([Current QTR],2)="16" THEN "15"



      ELSEIF  left([Current QTR],2)="15" THEN "14"









      RIGHT([Current QTR],2)