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    CASE statement to compare two fields

    Kanupriya Dhiman

      Hello Everyone


      I am trying to classify these roles based upon their number of records. For instance, if the number of records for 'SWE Ads Infra' is greater than 'SWE Homefeed Infra' then 'Doing well' etc. But it's giving me the error that the formula is of the nature Boolean and not string type. Basically I am trying to find a comparison between the volume of ERP Eligible (Yes) and Non ERP Eligible roles (No) and classifying them as "Doing Well" and "Not Doing Well" respectively.



      Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 10.24.32 AM.png


      I have attached the workbook as well (Worksheet: All). Any suggestions here would be highly beneficial.