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    Keep Market Share Calc Intact with Filtered Dimension

    Jeremy Cantell

      I have seen a few questions on this forum that have asked the same thing, but I must be doing something wrong with the FIXED syntax that isn't working for me.


      I am calculating market share of local hospital systems in our service area by quarter.  I am currently doing this with Sum(Count) in Row, and Analysis > Percentage of Column to get Market Share.



      I really only care about the top three lines.  However, when I filter out the bottom three systems, the denominator does not stay intact.  I've looked on the forum for those with similar issues, and came up with this as a calculated field.


      Unfortunately, this also changes as I remove systems in the filter.  I am not sure if there's something in the syntax that is missing.  I gives me the same information as the previous method.


      I've attached my workbook for easier assistance.  Thanks for any help you can provide.