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    Implementing SSL, Tableau Desktop Redirect to HTTPS?

    Nathan Panuco

      I'm working to implement SSL on our single server Tableau installation. I want to make sure my users are prepped for any new behavior. I understand from reviewing this article Configure External SSL that a connection will be accepted on port 80 and forwarded to 443:


      I fully expect all browsers to be able to handle this redirect. My question comes on the expected behavior of Tableau Desktop. Will typing in http://tableau.mycompany.com auto-redirect to https:///tableau.mycompany.com? I wouldn't have thought twice about this, however in using Tableau Prep earlier, I encountered issues where it would not redirect me from "tableau.mycompany.com" to "http://tableau.mycompany.com" and became concerned that Tableau doesn't handle redirects as nicely as a browser (see error from Tableau Prep)


      Tableau Prep Error:


      Does anyone have experience implementing SSL who can explain the expected behavior for Tableau Desktop users?