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    % of Total Patients using LOD for filtering capability

    Beatrix Balogh

      Hi All,


      I am trying to use a calculated field that shows my % of total patients based on two different filters.

      1. I have a 'Patient Id' field, so I created a calculated field for that to get a unique patient count: countd([Patient Id]).
      2. To get '% of Total Patients' I use: {fixed [Clinical Class], [Clinical Class 2]: [# of Unique Patients]} / {fixed: [# of Unique Patients]} so that the numerator focuses on whatever I have checked for those two fields as filters.


      My first obvious issue is that when I have 'All' selected for both filters, it says the correct total # of patients = 77, but % of total patients is 124.68%, which makes zero sense - shouldn't that be 100%?

      My second issue is that when I filter on 'Clinical Class', the # of patients = 12, but the % of total patients is 16.88%, and if I do 12/77 = 15.58%, those don't match up.



      I have a feeling I'm messing up something in my LOD expression, but I'm not sure what. Or is the fact that one of the my filters is in a hierarchy that is causing issues?


      Thank you in advance!