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    Extract Syntax in Workgroup Database?

    Moses Perry

      Has anyone figured out a way to query the Workgroup database to obtain the SQL syntax executed in a Tableau Extract?


      One of our heavily used data sources has significant DDL changes periodically and it would be great if I could query the Tableau Server database to obtain the queries run against this data source. I can easily identify which extracts are run against a particular server (SELECT * FROM public._datasources  where server = 'XXX') but that does not provide the actual syntax (select a, b, c from table where filter = 'x') of the queries run against that server. Obtaining the syntax would allow me to use a third party tool that would scan for objects flagged for change in the output.


      I have scanned through the Workgroup tables and views (and the online documentation) but have not found anything that resembles the actual query.


      Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




      Moses Perry