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    Trending data

    Jithesh Chalikandy

      Tableau People,


      I have a situation, where I am trying to get the trend data for a aging metrics, the data source is refreshed daily, so the status of ticket also change daily. (from open to close).


          For eg:

      MonthNo# of TicketsDays OpenAverage days open


      For eg; in the month of Apirl, 1 ticket from Jan and 1 ticket from Feb is closed, when the data refresh's with the current calculation  "Average days open" goes back to 1 ticket for Jan and 2 tickets for Feb.


      I want to show the ACTUAL results as how it was during the end of each month. i.e 2 open at the end of Jan with 10 open days and Average days open as 5. not to show it as 1 ticket open now?


      Any idea how to achieve this?