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    Y position changes every time a sheet is added to a container. How to make y position fixed?

    Amit Darak



      I have been working on layout containers to manage my number of different worksheets.


      In the workbook attached, I have used 2 containers. Each container has 4 sheets placed on each other and gets selected dynamically with parameter.


      Issue I face is that in each container, 4 sheets have different Y positions. So every time I add a new sheet, it gets placed a little below than the previous one.


      As can be seen from the dashboard different y positions for different sheets.


      Main Product - Y - 10

      Sub Product - Y - 19

      Scheme - Y - 28

      Location - Y - 37


      Can we have same Y position for all the 4 sheets say Y position as 10.


      It looks bad aesthetically when you have many sheets as the gap keeps on increasing.