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    Visualizing the efficacy of a training program. Compare confidence before and after.

    Esther Bezborodko

      I'm tracking whether a learning program has increased people's confidence with 3 different analytics programs in my company.


      Survey is simple. People rate how they felt when they started in the program, and how they felt after the learning program. We hope for an increase.


      I'd like to visualize the overall success. How many people felt more confident? How many people felt neutral? How many people felt less confident?


      Thinking this might involve some sort of LOD calc. I know I can unpivot the data and calculate the difference between the start and end points, and then visualize the count of each of the differences, but I was wondering if this can be done with an LOD of some sort instead.


      TIA! I'd like to have my results look something like this: