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    Dynamic header formatting

    Catherine Sturla

      Hi Everyone.


      This post is specifically to ask for help formatting some data in a way that I know isn't standard, but I just wanted to poll the community to make sure I wasn't missing any ideas out there.  What I'm going for is something along the lines of stacked titles for rows, OR dynamic axes titles.  The data I have is a series of initiatives which are grouped into categories.  Within initiatives there are milestones and those milestones have target dates and flags which indicate their status.  What I'd like to do is create 1 worksheet per initiative category rather than have to create one per initiative.  Ideally, the initiative name would appear where a column header normally does, but I don't want to create a bunch of columns; I'd like to stack the data vertically.


      Two ideal options:


      Where "All" text could be dynamically changed to reflect the initiative name of which milestones are listed below it.


      Packages workbook attached.