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    How does crosstab download work on Tableau server 10.5? It's amazing!

    Watsa Chaodee

      Prior to 10.5, if I want to download a crosstab data from a Tableau dashboard on the server, I will need to select a view on a dashboard to trigger the server first. Then I can download a crosstab data for the selected view. Otherwise, "Crosstab" option will be grayed out because the server does not know which view you want the data to be downloaded.


      In 10.5, I have a tab or dashboard that contains multiple view. Before I select a view to trigger the download, I realize that "Crosstab" option is not grayed out. When I click download crosstab, I get the data from one of the views on the dashboard.


      I wonder how does Tableau server know which view triggers the server to download the crosstab. Is there a pattern for the server to get the data and send to Crosstab automatically? I am looking for a workaround solution to allow my user to download a crosstab without selecting a view first.  Hopefully, this is not a bug. Just want to take advantage of this feature.

      Thank you very much.