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    Need help with custom aggregation on tableau

    Youwei Chen

      We come across a report that require a many calculated aggregations, include multi level aggregation.


      This is a final view I want to create from line item and a mapping file: notice multiple level of aggregation.


      Underlying data is leaf data, I can define child - parent relationship using a new column.

      Ideally, I like to aggregate all child data and show parent line on top with total like example above.


      What is best way to achieve this result?


      I tried to add two line item together manually, that did not work well.   If I can define parent relation ship, can tableau show show total in a format similar to screenshot above?


      if ([Line Item2] = '1') then

          { FIXED [Value]:

              sum(if ([Line Item1] = '1A') then [Value] end)  +

              sum(if ([Line Item1] = '1B') then [Value] end)






      I added two tableau worksheet, first one has output I wanted, with manually aggregated data.  2nd tableau sheet trying to aggregate data using calculated field, did not work as expected.




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