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    Advanced Wildcard Filter

    Reid Walker

      Hello All,


      I'm building a dashboard on payroll for CT public employees. There are 120,000+ names of employees in the data and with all of the string and number data I would like to portray with the names, using a single value or multiple value filter to search slows everything down. A wildcard filter is very useful in this situation because I can un-check the 'include all values when empty' box. Then the user has to type something into the filter in order to bring up any records, allowing for a faster render. So, the wildcard filter is certainly satisfactory for what I'm trying to accomplish, but I have 2 questions/problems/tweaks that would really help if anyone can help:


      1) Is there a way to have the wildcard filter auto-fill when the user starts to type in a name? Similar to the search box of the single and multiple value filters. If the user were to type in just a few letters of the person they are looking for, the results could be 1k+ marks and difficult to sift through.


      2) Currently, the workaround to the above issue is to select a name and click 'keep only.' When I do this all the other names are filtered out, but the filter is changed automatically. I'm not able to search other names and the 'include all vales when empty' box goes back to being checked. What is happening in this instance? And is there a way to choose 'keep only', but not have all these changes on the filter?


      I have attached the packaged workbook and hopefully I have explained well enough my issue. The 'Search Dash' is the dashboard I'm referring to. Thanks